Full-Body Tracking

For The Masses

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Cookie DK1

Cookie CV1


Cookie DK1 SPECS

Hz Tracking

ms Latency

m     Range

º Horizontal

º      Vertical

cm   Fidelity

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What do I get when buying the first version?

The DK1 will have 180 degrees tracking, one beacon, four cookies, sub-centimetre precision, and the staff’s eternal gratitude. It will track the location and rotation of the hip and only the location of both feet. It will also come with straps and a 3m extension cable on top of the 1.4m cable of the beacon.

What’s this about different versions?

The first version of the tracking for sale will be the DK1, a development kit that allows people to experience StonX while being worked on and collecting funds for said development. It will be replaced by the CV1, with a cheap upgrade kit available for people who invested in StonX by buying the DK1 kit.

What will the upgraded version improve?

The CV1 will have 360 degrees tracking, two beacons, up to 10 new and improved cookies, better precision, and feet rotation tracking.

How do you connect the beacon to the PC?

Plug in the USB connector, and if it doesn’t go in turn it around three times and try again.

How does the tracking work?

The system uses a camera surrounded by white LED’s (the beacon) to track the position of objects with colored retroreflectors called cookies. Most of it is math magic.

What’s StonX?

StonX is a company run by three Swedish students that may or may not have turned 18 by the time you read this. They’re currently up all night developing a low-cost solution for full-body tracking while sleeping during school.

What headsets does it work with?

Basically, anything that works with SteamVR.

How do you calibrate it?

Do some voodoo magic to move one of the cookies to three set locations in VR.